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Mar 12, 2018

On this episode: mass shootings and the media. 
After the high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, one idea for change has gained ground -- restricting children's access to violent popular  entertainment such as video games and movies. 
"I'm hearing more and more people say the level of violence on video games is...

Jan 24, 2018

Photo Credit: Jaap Buttendijk / Copyright: © 2017 WARNER BROS. ENTERTAINMENT INC.

(Photo by: Jaap Buttendijk / Copyright: © 2017 WARNER BROS. ENTERTAINMENT INC.)

On this week's episode, CultureCast book editor Loretta Williams focuses on two books lighting up the Internet. 

"Ready Player One," a book by Ernest Cline and "Warcross" by Marie Lu are getting a lot of comparisons to one another. 


Dec 22, 2017

Christmas time brings us scores of familiar songs. Many of them include references to foods and drinks that we may not really know much about in our modern times. 

We explore the myths surrounding the origins of candy canes, the reason figgy pudding is actually an example of GOOD British food, the wassail drink, and how...

Nov 30, 2017

Our culture - from the artistic to the political - has been rocked in the last couple of months. We’ve had many allegations of misconduct and sexual harassment — mostly on the part of powerful men. 
A striking theme in much of the last few weeks has been that women, who most often were the targets of abuse, often...

Nov 5, 2017

Until recently, James Comey's twitter handle was "Reinhold Niebuhr." Not exactly a household name, but a significant figure in American culture and political thought throughout World War II and the Cold War.

And what Niebuhr had to say gives us insight into Comey's thinking, how he handled Trump and the investigation...