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Civil War monuments are everywhere

Aug 23, 2017

Evidence that the Civil War is more than a fleeting memory in the American psyche is everywhere, such as this small historical monument located at a park in the sleepy Chicago outer-suburb of Saint Charles.

Nestled by the lake and surrounded by leafy streets and well-manicured lawns, this little 1840s cottage is the former law office of Steven Sandborn Jones, one of the first lawyers to settle in the region and the author of the city's name. 

More importantly, the cottage served as a prison for deserters of the Union Army during the Civil War. Inside, you can still find a prisoner's scribblings visible in a portion of exposed wall -- preserved for all time. (photo)

The cottage is located in a city park that used to be the very spot Union Army conscripts trained for war. 

Another reminder that the scars of the Civil War are still visible all around us -- often in surprising places. 

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