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CultureCast is a podcast about the culture and the arts that define us, brought to you by veteran public radio journalists.  

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Meet the crew

Nova SafoNova Safo

Nova is the host of CultureCast. He has worked on NPR's Arts Desk and public radio's business show Marketplace -- not to mention CNN, Yahoo! News, and, currently, Agence France-Presse. He has covered everything from the economics of emojis to Hollywood awards shows. He is also a trained musician, who spent his childhood practicing while his friends were out riding their bikes.


Loretta Williams

Loretta Williams

Loretta Williams is CultureCast's book editor. She's won a bunch of awards, including the prestigious duPont-Columbia Silver Baton and a Peabody. Loretta spent years being deluged with books as books editor at NPR, which as a voracious reader, was akin to manna from heaven.  She believes fiction can be just as enlightening as news (sometimes more so), and as an independent editor and producer, she still reads voraciously, while occasionally editing novels. 


Sasa WoodruffSasa Woodruff

Sasa (pronounced Sasha) Woodruff is CultureCast's food editor. She is a food correspondent and a producer at LA's prestigious public radio station KCRW. Sasa's six-second Vine films won her Viner of the Year at the Taste Awards. With more than two decades in broadcast news, Sasa has worked for major news outlets including NPR, Public Radio International and American Public Media. She is an avid cook and baker, and when not shooting video or editing audio, you’ll probably find her digging in the garden or figuring out how to make vinegar from scratch.


Kate Headshot 1Kate Concannon

Kate Concannon is CultureCast's music editor, and just like the rest of the crew - she's an overachiever. Kate's won numerous journalism awards including a prestigious Gracie from the Foundation of American Women in Radio and Television. A 25-year veteran of public radio, she was NPR’s Western Bureau Chief until 2010. Kate also worked as a reporter, producer and researcher with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and as a reporter, show producer and editor with the local public radio station in San Diego KPBS-FM.